Victory e-Cigarette Review


Victory E-Cigarette Review(Limited Free starter kit)

Price: Free (limited supply)


I’ve been a smoker for many years, having picked the habit up in a time when the world was more forgiving to those who enjoy the satisfaction of fine tobacco. As time went on and the world began to be a more openly hostile place for smokers, I tried countless times to kick the habit, but who was I kidding? Patches, gums, cold turkey … more like cold sweat. But, I found myself in a time when even smoking on the side walk in some places is outlawed, so what was I to do? Take up chewing tobacco? I think not.

For some time, my friends tried to convince me to switch to e-cigarettes, which while containing nicotine, did not produce real smoke, and could be enjoyed anywhere, including non-smoking locations. Well, I tried a couple of them at kiosks in the mall and frankly, it wasn’t going to work out. The products were Chinese, and let me tell you, if they believed those cartridges tasted like real tobacco, China must have some pretty raunchy smokes for them to base it off of. One of them genuinely upset my stomach. But, the worst sin was … my lungs and my natural habits knew I wasn’t really smoking. It didn’t fool me and just made me want a real cigarette even more, nicotine or not.

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Flavors & Nicotine Options

Well, my attitude was changed recently when I discovered the Victory e-cigarette who is 100% all american, something very rare in this industry. This thing is a whole different animal, and let me tell you, I am still astounded by these words leaving my mouth. Unlike the Chinese products, it actually tasted good. They have 6 flavors which are Tobacco, Menthol, Blueberry, Strawberry, Vanilla & Cherry, but I only tried the full flavor, and my smoke of choice, menthol. Where most of these contraptions tasted like candy or chemicals, my taste buds believed I was actually enjoying a menthol cigarette, and a top shelf brand at that.

Where most of these e-cigs feel like nothing more than fog machine vapor in the lungs, this had the same slightly abrasive, smooth tingle of real cigarette smoke, yet without the residual desire to cough. I don’t know how they managed this, but it’s amazing and you also get to choose from 3 Levels of Nicotine; Regular, Low or Zero.

The flavor was rich, heady and robust, like a real tobacco, though there is still a slight difference ever so vague that might take a day or two to get used to. Still, this is the most realistic and satisfying e-cig I have ever seen.

The Cost and What’s Included

The $59.99 starter kit is free due to promotional purposes (world wide) and has a limited supply.$0.01 for age verification due to U.S laws.

Many popular social media sites like reddit, slick-deals are promoting this offer. It’s a brave move from a high quality company looking to secure their place at the top of the E-cig ladder and hope people take advantage before the expiration date on the 20th.

The kit includes six sleek looking batteries,equal to 12 packets of cigarettes (think of the savings) which is very convenient and are good for about 400 puffs each before recharge. They also include an AC adapter, a car adapter and a USB charger together with it. Most of these kits seem to only include the USB charger. While I find this USB charging revolution to be clever, I honestly don’t care for it.

Once again, the Kit is worth $59.99; and is given away for absolutely FREE! It was the first Kit I ever received from Victory and after that i knew it was my preferred choice.

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Further reading

Victory understands all of the habits involved in smoking beyond just the addiction to nicotine, and they have it all covered quite well with the design of this cigarette. It is slightly heavier, of course, than a real cigarette, but as far as tactile and visual accuracy … it’s pretty much dead on. It’s 100mm long, which is the length of a “100s” cigarette, which I myself normally smoke. It feels more or less like a cigarette when touched to the lips, though it doesn’t have a soft, permeable filter. While this can be slightly off putting at first, in the long run, it’s a good thing, resulting in the absence of “soggy filter syndrome” which is common when a smoker has the cigarette held in their mouth for hands-free purposes.

When I got my Victory, I decided to indulge my daring side, and puff luxuriously upon it in a restaurant awaiting my meal. I basked in the gawking stares of my fellow patrons, awaiting what I knew to be inevitable: “Mam, you can’t smoke in here”. It took a minute, but I finally got my cue. There’s nothing quite so satisfying as saying “Oh, I’m not smoking. This isn’t a cigarette, it’s a Victory.”

Customer service, warranty and money back guarantee.

Victory provides a great Customer Service . The customer service representative was polite and answered all my questions, it was a very pleasant experience. Placing an order was extremely easy and Victory also offers lifetime warranties to batteries, chargers and on all cartomizers with 30 days money back guarantee.


If you’re a smoker like me, especially a heavy one, and you find yourself constantly in places where smoking isn’t allowed, or you’re just plain tired of the mess cigarettes make, then I recommend this e-cigarette. It’s an e-cigarette that should define what an e-cigarette actually is.

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One Comment/Review

  • Shelby says:
    3 stars

    You left out one of the most important benefits from smoking e cigs instead of regular cigarettes! The one thing that was my ultimate reason for starting the e cigs!: it’s healthier for you! It only contains nicotine, not the 2000 other chemicals that regular cigs are baked in. All those cancer causing chemicals?? NOT in the e cigs! A study showed that nicotine by itself is as harmful to the body as caffeine. Caffeine. Another study which was explained on the reality TV show The Doctors, said that if 400,000 people switched to ecigs in a year, there’s be 40,000 less smoking related deaths each year.

    That’s a big factor to leave out of your review! But I guess if health wasn’t one of your main reasons for switching, then why would you bring it up ? Righ? But thanks for the good review anyways, I’m going to try victory because the brand I’ve been with for 5 months has horrible customer service. And even though I’m not sure if they’re American made or Chinese made, their service agents definitely AREN’T American and they’ve screwed up my order more then a few times and I’m done with that shit.

    Sorry for my rant. Thank again for your review.

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