Green Smoke Review


Green Smoke Review

Price: $33.97-$94.97



Green Smoke is one of the most popular electronic cigarette brands on the market today. This Green Smoke review aims to point out all the features of the electronic cigarette.

Huge Price Drop!

Express Kit: was $89.99…now $59.97 (+ carrying case)
Pro Kit: was $129.99…now $99.97 (+ carrying case)
Ultimate Kit: was $159.99…now $129.97 (+ leather case)
Love Birds Kit: was $219.99…now $169.97 (+ 2 carrying cases)

Regular Batteries: was 34.99…now $24.97
Three Pack Batteries: was $69.99…now $59.97

Designer Battery Offer:
Designer Batteries: just $29.97
Three-Pack Designer Batteries: just $69.97


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Main Benefits Of Green Smoke

Based on customer feedback, Green Smoke is a high-quality electronic cigarette that is very easy to use and charge, and it comes with a stylish case that allows you to carry it around with you. Having said that, other important benefits of Green Smoke electronic cigarette include:

  • Exceptional flavor, and the taste resembles the one of traditional cigars.
  • Thick vapor.
  • Long-lasting batteries and easy-to-use charger.

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The Package

Green Smoke electronic cigarette comes in a stylish packaging that prevents it from damages that may occur during transport. In addition to the Starter Kit, the package also contains two batteries that will certainly come in handy in the long run, along with the user manual, USB, wall charger and membership card. The USB charger is very practical: it can either be plugged into your laptop/PC, or connected to the standard charger supply.

Batteries And Charging

If you have used an electronic cigarette in the past, then you certainly know how bothersome it is when the battery dies out and you feel the need to smoke. One of the main benefits of this electronic cigarette is that it comes with two batteries – you can use one while charging the other one, so you do not need to worry about anything!

Moreover, battery responsiveness is another important aspect that should be taken into account, as the Green Smoke electronic cigarette produces thick, flavored smoke on the very first drag.


Flavor is undoubtedly one of the most important aspects in what concerns electronic cigarettes. The thick vapor and the intense flavor are very similar to those produced by classic cigarettes. The flavor is deep and strong, and the cloud of vapor gives you the impression that you enjoy real, strong nicotine.

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The Price-Quality Relationship

Based on customer testimonials, The Green Smoke electronic cigarette provides great value for your money.

The price is slightly higher compared to regular e-cigars, but it is worth it. Even so, this electronic cigarette is a lot more cost-effective than the traditional cigars, keeping in mind that a cartomizer usually costs less than $3. Besides, you can also benefit from various promotional offers and discounts.

The Money Back Guarantee

The 30-days money back guarantee is certainly very reassuring, as you can purchase the Starter Kit and return it within 30 days, if you are not satisfied with the product. The “No questions asked” policy makes the process even easier – you can return the product regardless of what you disliked about it. In other words, you have nothing to lose!

Starter Kits

There are several different Starter Kits where you can choose from:

  • The Express Kit, which is ideal for occasional smokers and has a price tag of $89.99
  • The Pro Kit, perfect for first timers. It costs $ 129.99
  • The Ultimate Starter Kit, similar to the Pro Kit but with several other accessories. It costs $ 159.95
  • Love Birds Kit, especially designed for friends or couples who want to save some money. It costs $199


To sum up, Green Smoke electronic cigarette provides high-quality vapor, it comes with long-lasting batteries and practical battery chargers, and it is almost identical to traditional cigarettes. Despite the fact that it is a bit expensive, the price-quality relationship is highly convenient.

Verdict: Green Smoke is Highly Recommended

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