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The E-cig starter kit aims to provide to everything that a new electronic smoker needs and using only the latest technology. In this review we will look at whether the e-Cig starter kit achieves that goal.

We will also examine some of the benefits of switching to e-Cigs and what has been included in this starter kit. After that we will look at some of the pro’s of this kit. Finally we will provide you with our recommendation for this starter kit.


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How Do e-Cigs Work?

e-Cigs have the appearance of regular cigarettes but inside the tube is an electronic device. The end of the cigarette which resembles a filter is pressure sensitive, when you draw it signals to the microprocessor to turn the heating element and the red LED light on. Inside the atomizer is a liquid which is converted by the heating pad into a vapour. This produces a cloud similar in appearance to that of normal cigarette smoke but without tobacco or any noxious chemicals.

Benefits of E-Cigs

No Secondary Smoke – The e-Cig does not produce any harmful secondary smoke. This has a number of advantages. Firstly it is safe to smoke around your family members or friends. Secondly you can smoke e-Cigs in locations that are designated non smoking. And lastly there is no lasting smell imbued into your clothing or furniture.

No Tobacco or Chemicals – The average cigarette contains over two thousand different chemicals many of which are toxic. These chemicals are linked to lung disease and cancer. The e-Cig does not contain any of these chemicals or tobacco. The vapour is a mix of water and an amount of nicotine chosen by the user.

Save Money – By switching from regular cigarettes to e-Cigs you can expect to save a significant amount of money over the course of a year. The average smoker will save between $2000 – $3000 a year by switching over to e-Cigs. Because e-Cigs uses an ultra sound vaporizer it is very efficient and so you can expect to get good value out of each of your nicotine cartridges.

What Is Included In The e-Cig Starter Kit

The e-Cig starter kit has all of the items a new electronic smoker needs in order to get started immediately. In this pack you will find:

Two Fully Flavoured Nicotine Cartridges
One Stainless Steel Atomizer
One Lithium-ion Battery
One USB Charger
One Hard Plastic Carrying Case

All of this is backed by a life time warranty.

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The Pros Of e-Cigs

Free USB Charger – One of the best features of the e-Cigs Starter Pack is the free USB charger that is included. You can use this USB charger to recharge the Lithium Ion battery. The recharger can be plugged into any device that has a USB port such as your laptop. The advantage of this is that you can charge the electronic cigarette whether you are at work, college or in a hotel. This is perfect for the kind of user that does a lot of travel or if you forget to recharge before leaving the home.

Lithium-ion Battery – e-Cigs use the latest Lithium-ion battery. These batteries are long lasting and provide the maximum amount of vapour per draw. Having an efficient battery means that the nicotine cartridges last longer and so are more cost effective.

Great Taste – It’s a difficult choice deciding which nicotine cartridges should be included in any starter kit but we think that e-Cigs has made a wise decision with the 2 included here. The flavor is not over powering and is well suited to the palate of most beginner electronic cigarette users.


Overall Recommendation

e-Cigs aimed to produce a comprehensive starter kit using the latest in electronic cigarette technology and for the most part they have achieved that. The device included with this starter kit is highly efficient and cost effective. We also like that e-Cigs have backed it with a full lifetime warranty. If you are considering switching to electronic cigarettes this starter kit has everything that you need.

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