Apollo e-Cigarette


Apollo e-Cigarette Review (17% OFF Special)

Price: $54.95

Flavors: 19
Nicotine Levels: 5
Warranty: 12 Months
Free Shipping: Yes ($30+)
Money Back Guarantee: 30 Days


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Package Presentation:

The packaging that Apollo used when sending out the starter kit for their e-cigarette product particularly impressed me. Unlike some of the company’s competitors, who have complex packaging and a “difficult” procedure for opening that packaging, Apollo’s package presentation was actually really easy and quite pleasant to open. The company seems to have taken a page out of the Apple packaging textbook, with an all-white package that comes with five cartomizers and two electronic cigarettes arranged side-by-side. Beneath this initial presentation layer, the magnetically-attached box includes the chargers that are essential to any electronic cigarette.

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One thing that’s worth noting is that Apollo actually includes a car charger along with its standard wall charger. This is actually quite convenient, as it’s easy to run out of battery life during a long day at work, on a date, at the movies, or anywhere else. The car charger fits nicely alongside the wall charger in the packaging.


The battery that ships along with the Apollo electronic cigarette is actually pretty attractive and dapper, unlike a number of more gaudy versions that I found while completing my shopping online. It’s nice to see an electronic cigarette with a more stylish appearance, rather than those that attempt to exactly mimic traditional cigarettes.

The batter that comes with the Apollo cigarette is rated to last for about 200 inhalations, and that seems to be fairy accurate. Charging is easy, as the wall charger and USB charger can easy get the cigarette back into operation in just a few short minutes. For those who don’t want to risk the cigarette’s battery dying at an inconvenient time, Apollo does offer a more powerful “Ultra” battery during the checkout process online. This battery increases capacity by a third, boosting the number of inhalations to approximately 300.

I have to say, in terms of battery life and appearance, I was pleasantly surprised by what Apollo had to offer. The company is making an effort to distinguish itself from its competitors, and that competition bodes well for both style and function in this case.

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Vapor Volume

One area where electronic cigarettes can fall behind their more traditional counterparts is in the volume of vapor released with each inhalation. In terms of traditional cigarettes, this would be the smoke that is produced at any given time. The key to a successful electronic cigarette is achieving enough vapor to enjoy a rewarding “throat hit.” That is, the vapor must make its way to the throat in order for the inhalation to be both enjoyable and effective.

The Apollo e-Cigarette has no problem producing a great deal of vapor on each inhalation. In fact, this was one of the most enjoyable models that I’ve tried so far. The cigarette’s vapor volume easily reached the throat, and it served as an excellent substitute for more traditional cigarettes.


The best part about electronic cigarettes might be the wide number of flavors available to those who make the switch. While the most popular flavor among almost all customers is the tobacco flavor, Apollo has a great selection of alternatives that can make electronic cigarette use both more interesting and more enjoyable. I was impressed by the company’s diverse selection, and I think it’s a really great benefit when choosing Apollo over the competition

The various flavors available for the Apollo electronic cigarette are available in two distinct sizes. The smallest, most convenient, and most affordable, is the company’s 10 mL offering. For those who know what flavor they want, and want a lot of it, Apollo offers a significantly larger 30 mL fluid option that will last for quite a few more inhalations than the smaller variant.

In addition to the popular tobacco flavor, Apollo offers its customers flavors like menthol, vanilla, rocky road, banana cream, blueberry, clove, mango peach, and many more. All told, the company has a whopping 19 flavors available to customers of its electronic cigarette, ranging from traditional cigarette flavors to those that are almost sinfully sweet. Users might even be able to skip dessert!

Value for Money

The starter kits offered by Apollo come in a number of different varieties and price points, but they start at around $55 and increase to roughly $80. The flavors available for the product typically cost about $12 per flavor, while cartomizers cost $20 for a pack of five.

Overall, that makes Apollo a pretty good value proposition. Sure, it isn’t the most affordable electronic cigarette currently on the market. Where the company succeeds, however, is in offering a competitive price tag for a product that is light, easily charged, long-lasting, and attractive. That’s the difference between price and value, of course, and it means that the Apollo electronic cigarette is a great one.

Available Apollo Starter Kits

The company’s most popular starter kit is its Standard Starter Kit, which comes with five cartomizers and two lithium-ion batteries. The standard wall charger is included as a standard part of this starter kit, though the popular car charger is not included as a part of the package. In lieu of the popular car charger, the company does include a USB charger.

While it might seem like a strange choice, the USB charger is actually a genius inclusion in the starter kit itself. Office workers often find themselves without a way to charge their electronic cigarette, especially as many offices do not permit bringing chargers from home. A USB charger slips into a computer’s existing USB slot, like a flash drive, and charges the cigarette using that port. It’s sleek, unassuming, and convenient, and it makes this starter kit a great value.

The Apollo Extreme Starter Kit kicks things up a notch, especially in the area of included chargers. This starter kit does come with the standard Apollo wall charger, and it does include the compact USB charger that is an absolutely excellent addition for office workers. On top of those two chargers, though, the Extreme starter kit comes with the popular car charger that can recharge the cigarette on the go, between appointments, jobs, dates, or other events.

Five cartomizers are included, as are two extra-long-life lithium-ion batteries. That ensures that, even with more chargers, the electronic cigarette itself will hold a charger far longer than the batteries in the standard starter kit would have permitted. The cartomizers included with this kit can last as long as 300 inhalations, making them slightly longer-lasting than those in the standard package.

Customer Service, Warranties, and Money-Back Guarantees

The Apollo electronic cigarette has a pretty great warranty, and one that I think is pretty fair to those who buy the company’s flagship product. The electronic cigarette itself is subject to a 12-month warranty from the time it arrives at the buyer’s home address. This warranty is responsible for covering any damage done during the shipping process, as well as any defects that might result after the product has been put into use. This can include battery problems, issues with any of the included chargers, or any materials and workmanship. The warranty is applicable under standard usage conditions.

Atomizers and cartomizers are covered by a much shorter warranty, lasting just two weeks from the time those products arrived at the buyer’s doorstep. Again, the warranty on atomizers and cartomizers applies only under normal usage, and applies only to defects that result from the materials or workmanship put forth during manufacturing. User-initiated damage or defects are not covered. Warranties can be invoked via online chat, email, or phone call, and the product will need to be shipped back to the company. A refund will be processed thereafter, usually one or two weeks after the product was originally returned to Apollo.

Customer service options at Apollo are quite robust, and they’re able to meet virtually any need or question a customer might have. The company’s representatives are available primarily by phone, and the various departments within Apollo are each assigned their own unique phone number. That prevents long hold times and call transfers, and makes contact a breeze. The company also maintains a customer service email address for those who prefer not to call, and online chat is offered between 8 a.m. and 11 p.m. Pacific Standard Time. All three options combine to make Apollo one of the most accessible electronic cigarette companies that I have reviewed so far.

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The Apollo electronic cigarette stands out as a pretty impressive model, clearly ahead of many competitors in the industry. Its wide variety of available flavors makes it perfect for those who want to transcend the typical tobacco reality of regular cigarettes, and its long-lasting lithium-ion batteries means that smokers won’t have to go a moment without their fix.

The company’s starter kits are not the cheapest on the market, which might turn off some prospective buyers. The important thing to keep in mind, though, is that this cigarette is certainly worth the up-front cost. Its chargers are unique and capable, and its cartomizers produce an excellent experience throughout every puff. The same cannot be said of every electronic cigarette at this price point, or even those that are more or less expensive than the Apollo model.

I would like to perhaps see more flavors available in the future, as well as more battery designs and options for the cigarette’s appearance. Those things will probably come in time, though, as Apollo establishes a firm foothold in the marketplace. It’s something that I would personally be willing to wait for, too, as the value proposition for this model is rather good.

All told, the Apollo electronic cigarette is a capable competitor in this crowded sector, and will likely be one of the most successful options. Customers will find it convenient, attractive, and a delight to use, especially with the excellent vapor volume offered with each puff.


  • Attractive, if dapper, design, that leaves behind the appearance of traditional cigarettes
  • 19 great flavors that leave the tobacco taste in the past
  • A car charger, in some starter kits, that can prolong the battery’s life
  • A sleek USB charger for office environments
  • A variety of price points for starter kits and flavors
  • Simply the best live support and customer service I have ever received



  • The popular car charger is not included in the most popular starter kit, representing a larger up-front cost for those who purchase it separately
  • Extended life batteries are only included in the higher-end Extreme starter kit
  • The 19 flavors offered by the company are excellent, but more could, and should, be added in the near future


Verdict: The Apollo electronic cigarette is highly recommended.

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