How to Refill an Electronic Cigarette

Electronic cigarettes have hit the marketplace as an alternative for smokers looking to ease the damage caused by traditional cigarettes. These devices contain a liquid form of tobacco and small traces of nicotine and other chemicals. The process used by the device consist of heating up the liquid until evaporation and then the vapors from this reaction being inhaled by the consumer. Some electronic cigarettes can be refilled with liquid to save the money on purchasing a new device. Below are the steps involved with refilling your e cigarette with added liquid.

1) The first step consists of removing the cartridge from the atomizer of the device. Once the cartridge has been removed, use a utility knife to remove the cap of the cartridge. With the cap being off, carefully remove the old filter with a set of tweezers and discard. The cartridge is now clear and modifications can be made to add your own liquid.

2) A certain type of tubing, usually found in fish tanks filters and hamster water dispensers, will be needed at this point to offer a holder for the liquid. The tubing will have to be modified with scissors and a utility knife to get the right size and thickness to fit within the cartridge. It needs to be very thin and fit somewhat snug along the sides of the cartridge to allow for the most amount of liquid to be added.

3) Once the filter has been modified, insert it slowly into the cartridge with a pair of tweezers. Make sure that the filter touches the bottom and that changes are made to the top so that it fits evenly with the top of the cartridge.

4) Once the filter is in place, a certain amount of liquid can be placed into the cartridge. The liquid comes in standard form normally found within original e-cigarettes or purchased in a variety of different flavors depending on the preference of the consumer. It will take a few attempts to find the right amount of liquid that provides the best quality of vapor.

5) Once the liquid has been filled into the cartridge, replace the cap back on and then screw the cartridge back on to the atomizer. Everything should function as before and the device should be ready for use immediately.

E-cigarettes are definitely a better alternative to regular cigarettes and refilling the liquid in your device will save money in the long run.