Can Electronic Cigarettes Really Help You Quit Smoking?

Can electronic cigarettes really help you quit smoking? The short answer is yes. The long answer is yes and no. Almost anything can help you quit smoking if you want to bad enough. If you don’t really want to quit, then nothing will help you. With that being said, let’s look at electronic cigarettes and how they may help someone quit smoking.

First and foremost, you must want to quit smoking. Second and as important, you must put together a plan on quitting smoking. It is important to choose a date to quit. Don’t do it on a whim, otherwise you probably will not kick the habit.

A perfect example of whether the e-cigs really work as an aid to quit smoking is through a personal perspective in my own family. My husband and I are both die-hard smokers. I have now taken care of both my parents as they died from lung cancer due to smoking.

All three of my children took up smoking, as they got older, just like us. As much as I tried to make them understand how bad the habit was, nothing worked. My own husband has now been diagnosed with COPD, which is chronic bronchitis and emphysema

Therefore, here is where the story begins. Our youngest son had a very strong addiction to tobacco. He had started smoking at the age of 13, without our knowledge. A year ago, he bought his first electronic cigarette. He played with it back and forth many times for the first six months

Finally, the day arrived when he decided he was really going to quit cigarettes for good with the help of the e-cig and chewing gum. He was at the highest level of nicotine in the e-cig, so he decided to reduce the level of nicotine once a month. He also chose a variety of gum that had a huge assortment of very strong and different flavors, which he used in between the e-cig.

Our son did continue to reduce the nicotine level every month as planned, and he continued the use of the gum during this time.

The day finally came when he was using the e cigarette with zero amount of nicotine in it. He did however, switch over to the flavored cartridges of the e-cig.

It should be noted here that anyone can kick the nicotine habit. Once you quit smoking, the nicotine leaves the body and the first three days are the hardest because you actually go through nicotine withdrawal symptoms.

The habit that is the hardest to quit is the hand to mouth routine. This is not a physical part of the addiction, but rather, an emotional or psychological attachment. This is why you will see people eating sunflower seeds a lot; it satisfies the hand to mouth aspect of the addiction. This is another reason that people tend to gain weight after quitting regular cigarettes.

Over time, the psychological aspect does leave the smoker. For my son, he is down to using the e-cig just a couple of times a day now and still chewing a lot of gum. Now, his gum chewing is because he loves the flavors, not out of necessity anymore.

For other people that quit smoking using the e-cig like my son did, they can continue to smoke the e-cig using the different flavors provided by the manufacturer. There is nothing harmful in the electronic cigarette and can be used anywhere, anytime.

Since watching my son in his quest to quit smoking, and successfully, I might add, I tried the e-cig for the first time a week ago. Yes, it is somewhat different from smoking a real cigarette, but my son assures me I will get used to it. I am now checking out the different brands of e-cigs to determine which one I will like the most. My son prefers to use the e-cig and buy his own e-liquid. I am planning to buy one, which comes with cartomizers, simply for ease of use.

In the end, it is up to each person and how inspired he or she is to quit smoking. For me, I have 10 grandchildren I want to watch grow up.